Real Time Location Tracking System (RTLS)

Real Time Location Tracking System (RTLS) is initially for tracking high-value assets and people. RTLS can be deployed in hospitals, mines, factories, parking areas and more indoor/ outdoor places. RTLS has three outstanding features for business objectives as following,

  • Tracking and locating assets and people
  • Improving safety & security
  • Optimizing workflow and staff management



Leverage of existing Wi-Fi base infrastructure

  • System can be leveraged with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure which cost has saved and gain more from existing WLAN

Simplified set-up & monitoring

  • Simple set up process
  • End-to-end process from Wi-Fi planning and surveys to RTLS deployment

Improve workflow

  • With accurate tracking and locating of tagged asset / personnel, searching time and turn-around time has been reduced, thus manpower has saved and efficiency has improved

Improve accuracy

  • Minimize human intervention to reduce human error to guarantee accuracy

Visibility of asset

  • Better access control for tagged items and visibility of critical asset / personnel is maximized
  • Better overview of the whereabouts of valuable equipment easily, thus reduce the threats from thefts as any removal of tagged asset from its original place

Better resources utilization

  • Since asset / personnel are monitored via RTLS, better resources utilization and allocation can be performed