Real-Time Locating & Tracking Solution for National Cancer Centre Singapore


The National Cancer Centre Singapore possesses an Ambulatory Treatment Unit (ATU) which provides patients with chemotherapy treatment and related procedures. Due to high patient flow, there is significant pressure on the use of cancer treatment services, queuing for treatment and its potential psychological burden involved, and low productivity. With the implementation of RAPIDE (Real Time Ambulatory Patient Information Deployment Enabler) system, the productivity and service provided can be improved.


The RAPIDE is responsible for making appointments, registration, managing patients, managing resources and generating reports. The system is closely related to the out-patient administration system, MOSAIQ (the NCCS treatment appointment system), and the queue management system. All this can be done through a mobile platform or operated through wi-fi. Through the use of RFID technology, active RFID zone readers and RFID location tags can identify and track patients who carry an active RFID personnel tag. In addition, mattress sensors can be placed on beds to sense whether the bed has been occupied. This allows the efficiency of bed booking and patient allocation to improve significantly. Finally, other electronic devices such as the control button or the tag drop box can help with treatment extensions and de-registration.


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