RFID Car Park Management Solution for Tan Chong Nissan Hub


The Tan Chong Nissan Hub is responsible for storage of cars, service, inspection and delivery. Cooperating with Singcomm, the hub is the first to use Active RFID tag-to-tag communication for the purpose of tracking and managing new cars, which helps to maximize usage of storage space and improve operation efficiency significantly.


Each car is attached with an RFID tag so that its location can be easily identified. The car tag and the lot tag will be able to notify the system by sending signals through an active reader. The system can search for the car’s location with one click. A hand held search device can also be used. This improves the efficiency of the procedures prior to the delivery of cars.


The use of RFID tag-to-tag communication, has significantly reduced the time taken for vehicle identification and retrieval. Previously, the entire process would require an average of 24 hours; but now, only two hours is needed.


Tan Chong has said that the system allows them to maximize storage space and significantly shortens the car retrieval and deposit process. The facility can now at most, deliver 12 cars simultaneously, and let owners retrieve their cars in a showroom environment.

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