Logistics Management

The RFID warehouse management system and the asset inventory management system are both included in logistics management.

RFID Warehouse Management System

The AUTOWare Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a featured and efficient solution for automating inventory-handling processes at the warehouse.The system eases tasks of warehouse management through aiding scheduling, receiving, stocking and more.

The system coordinates with RFID and bar-coding technology to further improve efficiency within the warehouse. It provides improved inventory accuracy, productivity, space utilization, labour management and reduces stocking errors, paperwork, physical inventory and more. Thus, AUTOWare is definitely a return on investment for your organization.

Asset Inventory Management System

The RFID asset inventory management system integrates asset related information, location tracking and movement tracking to improve traceability, accountability and productivity.

Through using the RFID handheld device, the data collected is sent through the wireless network (real time) to the asset management system. This allows staff to view the most updated information.