Library RFID Automation System (LIBRA)

Adopting RFID technology in libraries, the Group provides the renowned Wavex LIBRA solutions, which has been implemented in more than 60 University and Government libraries all over South East Asia; include the Singapore NLB (National Library Board). The solution greatly improved the efficiency of the library daily operation procedure. Facing the challenge to manage huge amount of books from single to multi-brunches environment LIBRA offers versatile hardware and software equipments such as Self-check Station, Smart Shelf, Bookdrop, and EASGATE, which effectively shorten the queuing time from hour to minutes. The result is the amount of book loaned can be increased significantly.

On user perspective, the procedure of borrowing and returning of books have been simplified. Patron could use self-check in/out machines to browse book information and borrow books. Data of returned items would be automatically captured, sorted and updated by the data processing terminal when books pass through the bookdrop embedded with RFID readers. The RFID gates could authenticate books leaving the library and prevent books from being stolen.

LIBRA Stock Take Robot

Libra Stock Take Robot is designed to be used in libraries, an attractive moving machinery to automatically locates bookshelf and deck, perform accurate books scanning. Customised application that are adapted to all schools or public libraries.


As an important component of RFID library solutions, Front Desk Work Station can serve multiple functions, both as the work station for library material circulation and as the tag conversion station. With additional touch screen monitor, it can also provide self-service check-in/out services, which greatly improves library efficiency.

Hybrid Solution (HF & UHF) –
Self Check In/ Out Station

With the integration of HF and UHF technologies, the Hybrid Solution (HF&UHF) – Self Check In/Out Station allows libraries where HF technology is already being used to transform to UHF application. It serves as a powerful tool to support library automation, which offers feasibility of migration plan and also provides best benefits to both librarians and patrons.

With the ability to read both platforms, it allows books with either HF or UHF tags to be read and detected automatically to complete the check in/out process. Also, Hybrid (EM/RFID) System helps to boost the security system of libraries, preventing stealing of items on one hand, and automating the check in/out processes & mobile stock taking on the other.

RFID Security Gate

Beeping sound will be created when non-borrowed items pass the gate (with whitelist and headcount feature)

Mobile Stock Take Trolley

The mobile stock take trolley improves stock take efficiency and reduces labour intensity of shelving procedures. The device integrates stocktaking, searching, shelving, and data collection and processing.

Libra™ Wall-mount Book Return and Sorting Unit

The new generation of Libra™ Book Return & Sorting Unit is a highly customizable product that can quickly and accurately sort returned materials according to pre-defined categories.

The unit connects to the wall mounted Book Return Station which check-in the item automatically. The new generation provides more flexibility, since it is modular and can be expanded to more sorting station and bins in the future when library expand.

After dropping into the station, the books will be transported on the conveyor to the sorting station with 3 way tilting mechanism to send the book into the book bin located on the left or right. A book bin is located at the end of the conveyor to collect all items without RFID Tag, unsuccessful read, on hold, etc. The sorting sequence and criteria can be set easily by changing the mapping table.


  • Support multiple book return (without sorting unit in operation) with real time job log
  • Support auto-sorting system with thermal printer
  • Support specific video looping with sound, text and light prompts
  • Support of display patrons’ information with accurate job log statistics
  • Dual antenna design with anti-stealing function
  • Support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English
  • Alarm triggers when filled with books to specific level