SpotTrack Smart Asset Management Solution

With the help of RFID application, you can now manage critical inventory and track valuable asset while sitting in offices, getting rid of tedious physical counting or on-site monitoring. Asset & Inventory Tracking Management Solution is your ideal choice to streamline your business operation and trace assets’ location 24/7.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is becoming the choice of organizations all around the world to speed up or automate manual processes as a powerful tool. Less monitoring is needed and information are handled more efficiently.


Ubiquitous Tracking

  • Facilitates monitoring of multiple items simultaneously from anywhere, at anytime

Asset Visibility

  • Identifies location of a tagged asset and movement tracking
  • Generates location history of an asset

Alerts & Notifications

  • Provides rule-based alerts & notifications in case of abnormal movements

Device Compatibility

  • Works well with a number of RFID devices, such as windows / android-based mobiles and handhelds

Comprehensive Report Generation

  • Generate a wide range of reports for easy asset management and control, e.g. asset management report, purchase item summary report, fixed asset report by location, alert/alarm report




Streamline Complex Workflow

  • Efficient stocktaking and inventory auditing
  • Manage asset transfer & borrow/return effectively
  • End to end process workflow for asset application, approval, usage, return & disposal

Data Synchronization

  • Tracking asset in real time, thus reduce human error
  • Data updates automatically and simultaneously

Efficiency Improvement

  • Manages asset usage patterns and maximize durability
  • Improve productivity and save manpower

Asset Visibility and Locating

  • Quick and accurate assets locators improve service level
  • Access detail asset information to support operation
  • Enhance asset control & monitoring of critical assets