The number of visitors to public library has been dropping in most of the developed cities as a result
of digitalization and Internet proliferation. The role of public library has to be converted into
a place for discourse, peer collaboration, social learning, and particularly inspiration through and
learning from people. Social capital can thus be built up and that the process of building social
capital can be part of a community development. Base on the principles of Library3.0 and Connectivism
which is considered as the learning theory of this digital age, and the study of “Next” public
library, this paper supports that Library3.0 implementation can facilitate this conversion with
emphasis on the importance of Personalization in the creation of different space/zones for individual.
Library3.0 in reality is introduced at the end.

Web3.0, Library3.0, Learning Theory, Connectivism, Public Library

Source: Library3.0 for Public Library
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